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Was running a little late this morning, had a late night and really felt the pinch when the alarm went off. Got to work through the usual traffic in good time though.My bones ache today, i must have slept funny and i don’t fancy doing anything energetic today.As soon as parade had finished, the “bells” went off.”Fire – Persons reported” was written on the turn out sheet – this is the piece of paper that comes out of the fire cat (printer) with the details of where and what we are going to. This was backed up with a shout down the tanoy!Within seconds we were flying through the doors of the engine house.

We are at our ultimate best when we hear the words “persons reported”. This tells us that there are people trapped in the fire somewhere. It is at this point, that the truck grows “wings”. No messing about, everybody turns into the ultimate firefighter. This is the reason we all joined!I was riding BA (wearing breathing apparatus) with our new bloke – Posh!. He still hasn’t had a job with persons reported and he was looking anxious. I reassured him that everything was going to be fine and to stick right behind me throughout. He looks up to me in a nice kind of way, as i have taken it upon myself to take him under my wing. (more…)