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     So there we are.  Sitting in front of the TV, flipping between the local news and the weather channel.  Reports coming from each of impending doom by Hurricane Irene.  It has been 20 plus years since we were graced with Gloria’s presence.  As a child during that time I felt assured that my parents would keep me safe, and if something bad happened – the fire trucks and ambulances would always be there no matter what.

    When you’re a kid, you take this for granted.  You’re taught that if you dial 911, help would be on the way no matter what the circumstances.  Ice storm, Hurricane, Tornado – No matter what, help will be on the way.

     I’ve grown up now, and have a family myself.  As I look into my son’s eyes, glazed over with concern – I see myself long ago.  Nervous, but confident that the firemen will be ready to help those in need.  I now know the sacrifices that they each will make.  Many of them volunteers, like myself, will answer calls during this hurricane.  They will be out on firetrucks, and ambulances.  Helping victims of flood, fire, health issues, accidents.  Most of them having left their families to fend for themselves during the storm.

     It amazes me that even with dwindling numbers, there are still enough volunteers to help their communities, especially under such harsh circumstances.  And they won’t even think twice when answering that alarm.  As the next few days progress, we would like to ask all Professional and Volunteer Fire and EMS personnel to keep safe, be smart and take care of yourselves as you take care of your communities.  Please feel free to share any stories you may experience during the storm by posting comments.  May you and your families be well and safe.  Thank You for the sacrifices you make.

Yours in Volunteering,

Was running a little late this morning, had a late night and really felt the pinch when the alarm went off. Got to work through the usual traffic in good time though.My bones ache today, i must have slept funny and i don’t fancy doing anything energetic today.As soon as parade had finished, the “bells” went off.”Fire – Persons reported” was written on the turn out sheet – this is the piece of paper that comes out of the fire cat (printer) with the details of where and what we are going to. This was backed up with a shout down the tanoy!Within seconds we were flying through the doors of the engine house.

We are at our ultimate best when we hear the words “persons reported”. This tells us that there are people trapped in the fire somewhere. It is at this point, that the truck grows “wings”. No messing about, everybody turns into the ultimate firefighter. This is the reason we all joined!I was riding BA (wearing breathing apparatus) with our new bloke – Posh!. He still hasn’t had a job with persons reported and he was looking anxious. I reassured him that everything was going to be fine and to stick right behind me throughout. He looks up to me in a nice kind of way, as i have taken it upon myself to take him under my wing. (more…)



As a volunteer department, you may be experiencing the same challenges as others. While the economy is tanking, it seems fundraisers are harder and harder to put together and be successful. There are many creative ways to earn money, but in these time it seems agencies are looking to take a more “practical approach”. Here are 2 fundraising ideas which are easy to manage, quite practical, and could be very lucrative if managed correctly.

1:The flier above  is an example of an upcoming fundraiser my volunteer agency is doing. It seems that many restaurants these days are looking for creative ways to spread the word and increase their traffic. Many of these restaurants, now offer fundraising events for non-profit organizations. The idea is simply to have your member base go to the restaurant during the specific timeframe, and turn in the flier. By turning in the flier, your agency will get credit for bringing in that business, and the restaurant will donate a portion of the proceeds to your agency. Obviously, the more your members spread the word, the more fliers returned, and the more money your agency will make.

On the average, a family in the USA will go out to eat at least 1 time a month. It makes sense for agencies to plan one of these events on a monthly basis at different restaurants. It’s a fun way for members and their friends to get together for a meal while supporting their agency. For a list of participating restaurants, please leave a request in the comment box below, and one will be provided to you.

2: The advetisment to the left, is for one of our affiliates, The First Aid Store. One of their products is a “first aid kit fundraiser”. It makes sense for a volunteer fire department or EMS agency to have a fundraiser selling products that pertain to their profession. Leave cookies, candy and Popcorn to the girl and boy scouts.

These first aid kits are customizable (label with your agency logo), and offer a great profit margin. You purchase these kits for $4.00 and can sell them for $8.00 or even $10.00. The best part is you don’t have to lay out any money if you don’t want to. You can either pre buy the kits, and sell them at open houses, or door to door. Or if you prefer, you can order a sample, and take orders for a delivery at a later date. For more information or if you have questions, please comment below and we will be happy to assist.

If you have any other fundraiser ideas, and would like to share them with the rest of us, please let us know in the comment box, or email us. We would love to share your post.